Business Process Management

Business Process Management

The Birdsong Technology Group dba  Process Architects Consulting group provides process engineering and re-engineering resources that delivers significant positive impacts to your company’s performance. Our clients have experienced increased customer satisfaction while reducing bottom line cost.

What is Process Optimization?

Process Optimization can provide your company with the ability to measure quality by documenting and measuring processes and analyzing methods to reduce non-value add activates.

The way a company invents, provides, and controls its core products and services depends on its core business processes, and how well these can be managed and adapted to market changes is critical.

What is Core Business Processes?

“Organizations use different types of processes to conduct work. The following description explains what a process is:”

  • A process is a group of activities, not just one.
  • The activities that make up a process are related and organized to a product or service.
  • Activities in a process must work together toward a common goal.
  • Processes exist to create results for your customers – both internally and externally.

Types of processes:

  • Management processes: Provide direction and governance for an enterprise
  • Business processes: Reflect the competencies of the enterprise and are mission-critical
  • Support processes: Sustain the enterprise
  • Product / Service processes: Process to create Output of customer requirements.

The value chain, in which each activity or event contributes to the end result. Some activities are value add and some are non-value add. However, all activities consume enterprise resources. The challenge for businesses is to eliminate steps that do not add value and to improve the efficiency.

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